Unix Process Commands

Please find consolidated commands below:

psps [options]Display information about running processesps – Display information about the current shell and any child processes
toptopDisplay real-time information about running processestop – Display real-time information about running processes
killkill [signal] PIDSend a signal to a process to terminate itkill 12345 – Send a signal to process with PID 12345 to terminate it
killallkillall [options] process-nameSend a signal to all processes with the specified namekillall firefox – Send a signal to all processes named “firefox” to terminate them
nohupnohup command [arguments]Run a command that will continue running even after the terminal is closednohup long-running-command – Run “long-running-command” and allow it to continue running even after the terminal is closed
bgbg [job-spec]Resume a suspended job in the backgroundbg %1 – Resume job 1 in the background
fgfg [job-spec]Bring a background job to the foregroundfg %1 – Bring job 1 to the foreground

Note that the options listed here are just a few examples.

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