Unix Network Commands

ping hostnameTest the reachability of a host by sending ICMP packetsping www.google.com
traceroute hostnameDisplay the route taken by packets to reach a hosttraceroute www.google.com
nslookup hostnameQuery the DNS to obtain information about a hostnslookup www.google.com
ifconfigConfigure and display information about network interfacesifconfig
netstat -anDisplay the status of network connections and protocol statisticsnetstat -an
telnet hostnameConnect to a remote host using the Telnet protocoltelnet www.google.com 23
ssh user@hostnameConnect to a remote host using the SSH protocolssh username@www.google.com
ftp hostnameConnect to a remote host using the FTP protocolftp www.google.com

Note: The output of these commands may vary based on the Unix-based operating system you are using (e.g. Linux, macOS, etc.).

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