TypeScript Components

there are several component in typescript composed of:

VariablesUsed to store and manipulate data in a program.
TypesUsed to declare the type of data that a variable will hold, such as number, string, boolean, etc.
FunctionsUsed to encapsulate a block of code and can be called multiple times in a program.
InterfacesUsed to define a structure for objects or complex data types.
ClassesUsed to define objects and their properties and methods.
ModulesUsed to organize and structure code into reusable units.
DecoratorsUsed to add additional behavior to a class, method, or property.
GenericsUsed to write flexible and reusable code that can work with any data type.

All these components work together to form a complete TypeScript program that can be compiled to JavaScript and run in any browser or JavaScript environment.

We will be discussing about components in upcoming tutorials.

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