react js

React JS: JSX

With JSX, you can write components that look like this: index.js In this example , App is function based component of react which return HTML wrapped inside div . Output:   Another Example : JavaScript expression within JSX: index.js Output:

React JS on Visual Studio Code

note: I have started running react-app from terminal of VScode. to start app run “npm start”. Understanding Folder Structure In React application, there are several files and folders in the project directory. Some of them are as follows: Below is the index.js In this example, ReactDOM.createRoot is used to render the App component into a …

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React JS Overview

What is React Pre-requisite for ReactJS Before starting with React.JS, you should be familiar with : Understanding How React Work? History of React.JS Year Event 2011 Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook, created React. 2013 Facebook officially releases React as an open-source project. 2015 React Native, a platform for building native mobile apps, is announced …

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