SpringBoot Rest Template

REST Template:

  • RestTemplate is a class in Spring framework that provides a convenient way to call RESTful APIs.
  • It is a high-level API that helps you interact with RESTful web services by converting HTTP requests and responses into Java objects.
  • It uses the Apache HttpClient under the hood to send HTTP requests.
  • You can use RestTemplate to make GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, and other HTTP requests.
  • It automatically converts JSON and XML responses into Java objects.
  • You can also set headers, add parameters, handle exceptions, and configure timeouts.
  • RestTemplate supports both synchronous and asynchronous execution.
  • RestTemplate is thread-safe, so you can reuse a single instance across multiple requests.
  • You can use RestTemplate with Spring MVC to provide RESTful services for your application.
  • RestTemplate can be easily integrated with other Spring modules such as Spring Security and Spring Retry.

Below is the code for a simple Spring Boot REST template example to retrieve a car data:

  1. Car Entity Class (Car.java):
  1. Car Controller (CarController.java):
  1. Main Application Class (SpringBootRestTemplateExampleApplication.java):
  1. Application properties file (application.properties):

This is a simple example that uses the Spring Boot REST template to retrieve a car data based on the car id. You can run the application and test the endpoint by calling http://localhost:8080/cars/{id} in your web browser or a REST client like Postman.

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