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States in Class  

  • State in React is an object that holds values that can change over time. It is same as member variable in class.
  • The state can be updated using the setState() method, which triggers a re-render of the component and its children.
  • The  state should only be modified using setState() and should not be directly mutated.
  •  Accessing and rendering state values in a component’s UI is done using curly braces ({}) within JSX.

We have created constructor in class to have initial state. in the below example there are 2 state: age and address.

the áge’state has been accessed like {this.state.age}



Hello, World!

This is a example of class component in JSX.

My name is Shrikant from Person class component and age is 30


2) States in functional components is implemented using the useState hook.

 which we will discuss in  hook  tutorial.

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