JavaScript – HTML DOM methods

Below is the  table of commonly used JavaScript HTML DOM methods:

getElementByIdReturns the element that has the ID attribute with the specified value
getElementsByTagNameReturns a list of elements with the specified tag name
getElementsByClassNameReturns a list of elements with the specified class name
querySelectorReturns the first element that matches a specified CSS selector(s)
querySelectorAllReturns a list of elements that match a specified CSS selector(s)
createElementCreates an HTML element
createTextNodeCreates a text node
appendChildAdds a new child node to an element as the last child node
insertBeforeAdds a new child node to an element before a specified child node
replaceChildReplaces one child node of an element with another
removeChildRemoves a child node from an element
setAttributeAdds/modifies an attribute to an element
removeAttributeRemoves an attribute from an element
innerHTMLGets or sets the HTML content within an element
innerTextGets or sets the text content within an element

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