Git Setup

1. Go to git website:, to download Git.

2. Download based on your OS compatible version eg. window, Mac, Linux as shown below

Note: you can use Git bash which comes included in Git for Windows. For Mac and Linux you can use the built-in terminal

3. Open the command line like GitBash or terminal if Mac machine and check version of git by below command shown:

    4. now once we verified that git has been installed , lets setup username & email

    set global username and email address:

    once done, you can also setup your text editor to use:

    5. next step is to create git folder:

    • mkdir command createnew directory or folder
    • cd changes the current working directory.

    6. once you are inside the project directory:

    Initialize Git by command:

    • Great ! You just created your first Git Repository!
    •  GIT understand now to watch project folder.

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