Python GUI (Tkinter)

Tkinter library to create a graphical user interface (GUI) in Python that displays information about a car: This code defines a Car class with make, model, and year attributes, and a __str__ method that returns a string representation of the car. It also creates a GUI with a button that, when clicked, calls the display_car_info …

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Python Network Programming

Python Network Programming is the practise of using the Python programming language to build programmes that run over networks. To build applications that can communicate with other computers over a network, this entails the implementation of several network protocols and socket programming. Client-server communication, network protocols including HTTP, FTP, and SMTP, and many other topics …

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Python CGI

CGI stands for  Common Gateway Interface It define a standard that define how the communication of information should be between the web server and a written script. This is a high-level overview of the basic architecture of a Python CGI application. In reality, the process is more complex, with many additional components and interactions, but …

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Python Classes & Objects

In Python, you can use Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) to create classes and objects, which are used to model real-world entities. Below is a simple example that demonstrates how to create classes and objects: Output: Make: ToyotaModel: CamryYear: 2020Color: Red In this example, we create a class called Car that has four properties: make, model, year, …

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Python Exceptions

In Python, exceptions are raised when something goes wrong during the execution of a program. For example, a FileNotFoundError exception is raised if you try to open a file that doesn’t exist, or a ZeroDivisionError exception is raised if you try to divide by zero. To handle exceptions in your code, you can use a …

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Python Files I/O

Example of how you could use file I/O to store information about a car: When run, the code outputs: In this example, the open function is used to open the file “car_info.txt” in write mode (“w”), and the file.write method is used to write the information about the car to the file. The with statement …

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